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Dogs are the most loyal and faithful of pets, and we know you want the best for your dog…. but your dog does some things you are not happy with ( maybe more than one!) like jumping on people or things, running out the door when it’s open, stealing your food or clothing, etc, When walking your dog, does he/she pull you down the street? Dig holes in your planters or yard? or worse – things like growling and nipping at people?
With Dog Trainer Gilbert, YOU CAN change your dogs’ behavior! Dog training is also people training, by helping you to understand how best to communicate with your dog you’ll learn how to provide the leadership your dog is looking for. Proper leadership provides your dog with security and guidance. Dogs intrinsically want to please you, and we’ll help you develop your dog’s natural tendencies while curbing the destructive behaviors.
Using kind and effective methods of dog training in your Gilbert home, together we’ll start an almost magical transition to a well behaved companion. Other options are also offered for “away” training.

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The dog-training world is full of misconceptions, old wives tales, and bad advice. Over recent years there have been many studies and much work dedicated to canine behavior and development. As with children, you wouldn’t wait until they are a teenager to work with them on their behavior or choices, why do that with your puppy? Don’t wait for problems to develop!  Our Puppy Training Program gets you off to the right start! Our Basic Obedience Dog Training and Behavior Problem Programs promise you a well mannered companion dog and “harmony in the house”. Call us today for Puppy Training! Understanding these stages of the dog’s mental and psychological growth, and starting a well conceived and proven training program early in your dog’s life, will save you considerable time, money and headaches later. JoAnn Bluth specializes in canine behavior. Joann is an experienced, insured, Professional Trainer with multiple certifications and memberships in good standing with several Professional Training Organizations.
New to the valley since 1999, but no stranger to dog training, JoAnn began her career in Pennsylvania at an AKC sanctioned dog school. A psychology major and an executive in the travel industry, JoAnn left the corporate world in favor of the world of dogs and training. Once a member of the Maryland Ballet Company, JoAnn enjoys the “people teaching” aspect of working with families and their canine friends. Even more than that, there’s the satisfaction of keeping dogs that were once “problem children” happily fitting back into their human families home! JoAnn is Veterinarian recommended, and has solved problems and trained dogs for Gilbert, AZ families since 1999. JoAnn is a contributor to the Arizona Republic. She specializes in Gilbert, and the surrounding East Valley.
One definition of wisdom is to know what you know, and be aware of what you don’t know. Our area of expertise is canine behavior modification, dog psychology, and training. We take our years of experience, knowledge and training and offer you the best in managing your dog and their behavior. When looking for a trainer, know what to look for, what questions to ask, and also what methods do they use. A “free in-home evaluation” could be a sales tactic to get in the door. Don’t be afraid to ask about references, challenging clients, or education and credentials. When trusting someone with your faithful pet, make sure they are as invested in success as you are!

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Problem Dog? Not a Problem!

Joann is one of only a few trainers in the entire state endorsed by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors. Her custom programs are designed to the fit the personality of your dog, your schedule, and life style. Proven techniques are specifically and scientifically designed to produce optioma;, quick, and lasting results. Generally, weekly sessions are advised and the Training Manual “Never, Never, Hit Your Dog” is a valuable aid. Remember, all dogs are different so a thorough evaluation by phone is done to discuss your dog and take a complete history before a program and price can be recommended for you.

JoAnn’s Credentials:

Joann – 480-802-5393

  • Endorsed Member of the prestigious NADOI, the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

  • Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals

  • Certification at the highest level , Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors

  • National Dog Trainers Association

  • Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

  • Therapy Dogs International

  • Animal Behavior Society

  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers

  • Powerful Customization Options

  • American Dog Owners Association

  • United States Dog Agility Association

  • Referred to by the Dog Trainers Referral Network

  • Published by the University of Cornell’s Veterinary Magazine “Dogwatch Magazine”

  • Contributor to University of Connecticut’s Trainer Research

  • Contributor to Animal Behavior Counselors of Americas’ Newsletter

  • Contributor to Arizona Pet Magazine (articles & advice written jointly by JoAnn and Andy)

  • Contributor to “TOP TIPS FROM TOP TRAINERS”, a new book published by APDT, now in bookstores!

  • On site trainer for “Miracle Dogs of Hope”, Medical Alert Dogs

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Behavior Problems?

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It is no fun to live with a dog that is aggressive, soils in the house, becomes hysterical or destructive when left alone, or is just generally uncontrollable. The good news is, that whether you own a puppy or an adult dog, you can do a lot to prevent the development of behavior problems or, solve those you may already have. We address all behavioral problems IN YOUR HOME where they exist including: chewing, digging, barking, aggression, shyness, over exuberance, escapism, mouthing, submissive urination, nervous piddling, and more.

Client Reviews: Whats the scoop?

We take great pride in being good at what we do, but our word isn’t near as valuable as that of our clients. See for yourself how we can take your challenges and turn them around into your best pet.

“ JoAnn trained our German Shepherd, Wyatt. Originally, we were just hoping for a well behaved dog that could be trusted around our small children. JoAnn surpassed our expectations and Wyatt became so efficient with his hand signals and training that he is now working as an assistance dog. Great job JoAnn! We continue to be impressed with your training and insight.”

-Bill Davis, Defensive Coordinator, Arizona Cardinals

We rescued our new lab puppy, Boo Radley, two months ago and quickly found his exuberance overwhelming! When we called Joanne, we were worried that Boo was untrainable. Within 15 minutes, he was a different dog! I’m convinced that my husband and I needed as much (or more) help as Boo and we have learned the skills we need to have a delightful and loving pup! Joanne is a skilled trainer and approached Boo with firmness, love, respect and consistency. After our very first session, we were more confident, more in control and Boo was more respectful of house manners. As we contine with Joanne, she reinforces our good behavior as ‘parents’ and reinforces Boo’s increasingly good manners. I’m honestly not sure we would have survived our new boy without Joanne and recommend her highly to any and all who need a little parental training!
L Reesing
We LOVE JoAnn Bluth! She is the “Dog Whisperer” of dog trainers! We learned so much about canines and the way we should be interacting and relating to our family companions. Her first comment to us was that she was going to train us…and that she did. We adopted two puppies from the Arizona Humane Society, they were about 4 months old when JoAnn first came. She said that I was in for a handful, two pups, two kids…well, the pups were so eager to learn that they are just awesome! They took to everything JoAnn taught them and in turn what we continue to teach them to this day. We got so lucky with our pups and finding JoAnn. We have used A Canine Academy now twice and we are completely satisfied. I would recommend JoAnn ten times over…it is the best money we’ve ever spent on our pups! Thank you again JoAnn!
K. Tucker
Joann is a fantastic trainer. She has a calm energy that our 1 year old retriever immediately sensed. Joann came to our home for sessions with our puppy and has made a tremendous difference in our retrievers behavior. In just a few months we accomplished everything we hoped for. No jumping, licking, barking, walks on a leash, knows what she can and can’t eat and sits when she wants something is to name a few things our retriever learned before she turned 1!! Watching Joann in action has given us the tools to understand what our dog needs for us as owners to demonstrate and teach. Joann is very flexible with scheduling and she is very professional. Money well spent!
Adrienne and JJ Hardy (Baltimore Orioles)
Hello JoAnn, I want to express our sincere appreciation for helping us with our dogs. Although we’ve had dogs our entire lives, we’ve never had male litter mates and really need help. All the goals we set were exceeded and our boys are much happier for it. You were professional, prompt, thorough, and most importantly to us, adapted the sessions to our situation. The only change you may consider is the name of your company. At least based upon our experience, the name “Academy for Humans who have Canines” would have more appropriate. Thanks again and we will keep you posted on our continued progress. Best Regards
Ken and Laurie Meyer, East Valley
JoAnn, We have been so happy with Chandler and Cami. Yes, we are doing the continued training with them. Cami is a joy to be around now and is limiting her jumping and gaining control of herself. You were great to work with and we appreciate all you were able to share with us. The cost of an investment in your pet was right on. They will grow to be a treat to have with us. I look forward to hearing from you in the future and am wondering what to do with all the free time on my hands (just kidding). Again, thanks for everything.
Sue and Paul, Phoenix, Az
JoAnn was amazing! She helped us crate train our 10 year old Chihuahua, Minyi. Minyi used to refuse to take walks and now she heels! JoAnn trained Minyi at just the right pace and always ensured that Minyi was happy. JoAnn knew exactly what to do and was never wrong about Minyi’s capability of being trained. She gave us the tools and advice that we are so grateful for. JoAnn is a fantastic trainer and we highly recommend her. You will definitely see results!
Jen Jung

“JoAnn was great to work with! She’s fun and informative and “Ozzie” has made great progress! I highly recommend her training skills and techniques !”

Melinda Kornblum

JoAnn helped me work through puppy training as I had never owned a puppy before. My husband and I had purchased a 2 month old labradoodle and immediately I realized I was in over my head. My concern was that I also had a toddler at home and wanted to make sure I was able to handle them both. Right off the bat, JoAnn brought over items of great use to my sanity. Being able to use those items temporarily was a life saver. JoAnn took her time with our training as I had a full plate already. She was very flexible and did a great job training ME to train Raven. I would highly recommend the services of her team for any dog training.
Kris Strader
I would highly recommend JoAnn and her dog training service. At the first session it became very clear that it wasn’t just my 3 year old black lab Boston who needed training but me. It was amazing to watch how Boston responded to JoAnn. The challenge is continuing to reinforce what JoAnn has taught us both. Then I called JoAnn to let her know that I had adopted Cali a female black lab puppy, she also took the time to work with me in training the puppy. Thank you JoAnn. You’re the best!
Kelly Scott
Joann is awesome and trained my two dogs, Sally and Pavel, perfectly. She was extremely patient with Pavel, a 6 month old Cane Corso, who can be a bit slow and stubborn at times. She knew exactly when to lay off of him when he wasn’t “up to the task” and just wanted to lay around. We accomplished all of our goals, including being able to walk both of them without dragging me down the street. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer. Well worth the money. I recommend Joann to anyone who asks and will continue to do so.
Zach Giammarco

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Joann – 480-802-5393

Ready for a whole new relationship with your dog?

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